Welcome to the Howie!


President Billy Herd on his first visit to the club after shielding.


The extended season finally ended on the 9th October.  The final bounce game, planned for the 10th and which had attracted 16 entrants had to be cancelled in the light of the tightening of restrictions announced by the Scottish Government.

All indoor bowling clubs are closed until at least the 2nd November.  There has been no formal announcement by the Prestwick Ambassador Indoor Bowling Club about any planned opening date.


                              Howie Hedgehogs


                       Our 2019 prize winners


Prestwick Howie BC presentation

Presentation of Bronze Level BowlsMark Award from Bowls Scotland


Howie Bowling Club Active Schools Club of the Year 2017 and runners up 2018.

Email us at prestwickhowiebowlingclub@gmail.com for more details on any aspect of the club