Welcome to the Howie!


Luke Jones was not disgraced in defeat against Scottish International,  Darren Weir in the Scottish Junior Singles, going down 21-4.  Highlight in an entertaining match was four (or was it five, we lost count!) touchers in a single end, with Luke coming out on top!

In the first round of the Scottish,  Ian Robertson came from 19-16 down to edge a thriller 21-19 against Sorn.  Second round is this afternoon, against Auchinleck.

In the Seniors Triples League,  Howie finally came good, with Bobby Blair,  Colin Carmichael and Sandy Sutherland winning home (21-9) and Vic Crockford,  John Lorimer and Ian Robertson winning away (15-9)  Full report appears in the Competition News page.

You couldn’t make it up! Hedgehog falls into bowling green ditch!  Awwww!  Catch the action and what happened next on  “Catch Up” on Channel 5’s ‘Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs’! Screening date was 15th May.  There is even a hedgehog called Luke!

 To  help our hard pressed Committee, why not add your name to our Locking Up Rota on the club noticeboard?   It’s just a matter of going through a checklist (lights off, locker room locked etc) and then closing up the gate. even one night would be a great help.

Some changes to the syllabus for members to note.  The Opening Wappenshaw on the 8th June has now been cancelled and replaced by a Try Bowls Event to take place as part of our Open Wappenshaw on 10th July.  Millennium Cup has been put back a week to the 10th August to avoid clashing with the Prestwick Prom.   Our sponsor M L Williams’s phone number should have an extra 7 to read 01292 262277. Finally add in Gents Match Secretary Brian Rowan and Ladies Match Secretary Evie Forsyth to the list of office bearers.

A recent survey of 1,000 retirees by the National Citizen Service (a volunteer personal development programme for teenagers using retirees as mentors) found  that a quarter said every day seemed the same and led to boredom and isolation.  Have they never heard of bowling,  and specifically the Howie Bowling Club?

We now have sourced tracksuit tops for children as well adults.  Prices are the same – £15 with the Howie badge, and £20 personalised with your name under the badge and PRESTWICK HOWIE on the back.  Orders are subject to continued availability from our stockist.  If interested email us at prestwickhowiebowlingclub@gmail.com .

Experts who know about these things say that the secret to healthy aging  – ie living longer, free from chronic diseases – is finding something you enjoy doing and staying socially active.  Sounds simple ?  Even simpler, the secret is to take up bowls!!! If you know of any retired friend or neighbour, looking for a healthy future, recommend they join the Howie!!


Howie Bowling Club Active Schools Club of the Year 2017 and runners up 2018.


Our intrepid coaching team! L to R  Vic Crockford , Marilyn Carmichael,  Ian Robertson,  Tom McMoneagle,  Helen Kyle,  Keith Lyons, John Lorimer and John McWhirter

Email us at prestwickhowiebowlingclub@gmail.com for more details on any aspect of the club.