Welcome to the Howie!





Our Hedgehogs represented the Ambassador Juniors  in the National Top Ten tournament in a home tie against Bainfield on Friday, and the team won three of the four matches to progress to the next round.  Next up is an away trip to Dunfermline to take on Abbeyview.  Match is scheduled for 11:00 am on Saturday 2nd March. it is planned to run a coach at an expected cost of £5 a head.  Let us know if interested in supporting our youngsters.


The Top Ten winners (Luke and Lily are on the left back row, and Andrew, Lewis and Alice the first three in the front row)

Our AGM on 1st February saw a number of changes to the Management Committee.  Michael Traynor and Jim Bryceland remain as Chairman and Depute Chairman.   Jim Johnstone is our new Treasurer with Ian Robertson moving over to take up the position of Secretary.   John Lorimer continues as Green Baillie and there is no change in our Match Secretaries ( Brian Rowan,  Evie Forsyth and Vic Crockford).

Congratulations to Brian Rowan,  our new President and to Evie Forsyth as his Vice President.  Special congratulations to Bobby Blair on his election as our Honorary President.

Opening Day this season will  Saturday 13th April.  We are counting the days!!!!!

We now have sourced tracksuit tops for children as well adults.  Prices are the same – £15 with the Howie badge, and £20 personalised with your name under the badge and PRESTWICK HOWIE on the back.  Orders are subject to continued availability from our stockist.  If interested email us at prestwickhowiebowlingclub@gmail.com .

Experts who know about these things say that the secret to healthy aging  – ie living longer, free from chronic diseases – is finding something you enjoy doing and staying socially active.  Sounds simple ?  Even simpler, the secret is to take up bowls!!! If you know of any retired friend or neighbour, looking for a healthy future, recommend they join the Howie!!


Howie Bowling Club Active Schools Club of the Year 2017 and runners up 2018.


Our intrepid coaching team! L to R  Vic Crockford , Marilyn Carmichael,  Ian Robertson,  Tom McMoneagle,  Helen Kyle,  Keith Lyons, John Lorimer and John McWhirter

Email us at prestwickhowiebowlingclub@gmail.com for more details on any aspect of the club.