Blind Bowlers



Our Visually Impaired bowlers have now decamped to the Ayr Indoor Bowling Club, and will still be playing on Friday afternoons.



Visually impaired bowlers using string to guide their bowls.  



n Saturday 14th March 2019. our Visually Impaired bowlers were in competive action at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club, with  lead John  McKay, 2nd Bennett Ward, 3rd Paul Sharp and skip, “guest star”  Sharon Moncrieff from Cumbernauld as a  last minute replacement.

They won their first game against Abbeyview, 10-6, but lost to eventual tournament winners Renfrew 18-3.  Their third game saw them lose 13-4 to C & Kelvin.


John, Bennett,  Sharon and Paul



John McKay,  Bennett Ward and Paul Sharp

The Visually Impaired club is growing from strength to strength and now boasts 7 members.   If you know of any visually impaired person looking to learn a new skill and to make new friends, the club meet at the Ambassador every Wednesday at one o’clock.

On Saturday,  7th December 2019 ,  four of our blind bowlers cmpeted in a national Balloted Pairs Competition at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club.  This prestigious event is held in Glasgow every December and attracts visually impaired bowlers from as far as Aberdeen and the Borders.  While there is an atmosphere of Christmas goodwill in the air, be assured that it IS competitive!

Joining “old hands” Bennett Ward and John McKay, were new members Paul Sharp and Chris Skinner and Directors, George Gallacher,  Jim Johnstone and Isobel Skinner.

What do W G Grace and Bennett Ward have in common?  There is a clue in the Bowling Factoids page, if you want to give yourself a clue.

The answer?  Both have represented their country at bowls and another sport.  WG’s other sport was (of course) cricket.   Bennett’s other sport is golf. And he was one of the successful Scottish blind bowlers who took on and defeated the mighty England 10.5 to 9.5 in a Ryder Cup type format, and on their own patch!

John McKay beat Bennett in the Visually Impaired Singles Championship 7-5 in a high quality 8 end final.  They were tied 5-5 with John just winning out in a pulsating last end.

John also won the VI Pairs with Colin Carmichael as his visual partner. Maybe John will be our next internationalist!

Our brave band of blind bowlers are  meeting every week on Fridays at one o’clock at the Ambassador Indoor Bowling Club.


If you fancy having a go, email us at

A string is used as a tactile aid to guide the visually impaired bowler to the centre of the rink